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Science is now beginning to explore what healers have known for centuries, that thoughts have a measurable quality, and the more that you think them, the stronger they become within you. In this sense, thoughts have an energetic quality within the body and can sometimes create blockages that impact the body’s natural ability to maintain balance. Through the work that I do, I can help you to identify what is happening energetically and therefore physically with your body and establish natural health for you.

Transformational healing from the heart is all about working with the energy that composes and surrounds your body. The human energy field is often called the “aura” and it surrounds all things including plants and animals, and even physical spaces such as buildings. How many times have you walked into a room and gotten a feeling about a place that either put you at ease or prompted you to get out of there as fast as your feet could carry you? That feeling was you tapping into your intuitive knowing, and sensing what is happening within the space energetically. Everyone has the natural ability to use their intuition, but we do not always have the training to understand it fully.

Just as you have intuition, you also have the natural ability to heal. How the body intuitively breathes in oxygen everyday is a great example of how your own innate intelligence self-regulates using an invisible force. Even though you may not fully understand or see the breath as it integrates in the body, it’s happening regardless. The energy field that surrounds us is much the same, and you work intimately with it regardless of your belief in it.

Some things that keep your body from staying in a state of perfect health are emotions and thoughts related to trauma or past pain. Memories may also be active within you from past lives; resolving these through a process of clearing and restoring balance allows for healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes.

Through participating in the healing process, you can bring the body into harmony and peace. However, it is truly you that is doing the healing, as I am simply a conduit for energy. It is truly your own desires and willingness that creates the space for a healing. My role is to realign you and reconnect you with your own healthy self and help you understand and clear the energetic channels that may be blocked.

Meditation and healing are my life and my passion. I am always searching for greater understanding through continuous study and contemplation. I am honored to assist you during our time together on the healing path.

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